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We are Ocean Lovers

I have some more June sketches from the Creative Memories Virtual Crop Group to complete! It's never that I "have" to do it, but I love to take this time to scrapbook and get our pages done. This page is aptly named because we truly are ocean lovers. From the sand to the salt to the peace to the way ocean water makes my skin feel, it is one of our favorite vacations!

The sketch I worked with today is one of the extra sketch that you could access with the purchase of a little Creative Memories box. There were four sketches in total, and I made sure I bought enough boxes to get all four extra sketches!

As you look at my sketch, you will see that I altered a few things. That is why I like showing the sketch so that you can see they are meant to be jumping off points and not something that is written in stone. This is the Coastal Shores paper, and I absolutely love it against the start white paper. So you see how the pictures jump off the page? The twine lends a sailboat feel to the page as well.

Here's what I used on this page:

Thanks for popping in today! I always appreciate when you stop by and visit!

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