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ONLY 4 KITS LEFT! Record Your Sun-Kissed Snapshots and Memories with Brenda

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Summer is a time filled with warmth, adventure, and countless precious moments that we wish could last forever. From sandy beaches and family vacations to backyard barbecues and lazy afternoons, these joyful experiences are worth cherishing and revisiting time and time again. While photographs capture the essence of these memories, there is something truly magical about scrapbooking—transforming those snapshots into tangible keepsakes that preserve the spirit of summer.

In the first layout, you will grab some inks and a waterbrush to color the title and sunglasses. The workshop will also teach you how to color wash your circle before stamping!

Look at how many photos you can put on this set of pages! So often we take a lot of snippet photos, and I wanted you to have this simple pattern so you can house (12) 3" x 3" photos on a set of two pages! It is easy to write your story right across the bottom of your pages.

This set of pages is like unleashed sunshine! Look at that fun border of beach balls - so fun!! Your story can be told across the bottom.

This specially curated workshop consists of 6 pages, and there is paper and embellishment leftover to make one or two more! I am giving you the FREE Cardstock you need to create this workshop, so you are only paying for the other supplies!

  • July/August Mix-Ins

  • Summer Stamp Set

  • Flower Shoppe Embellishments

FREE Cardstock included: 6 White Daisy, 1 Sage, 1 Sapphire, 1 Glacier, 1 Mink, 1 Toffee, and 1 Honey Butter

Click the button below to order yours!

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