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Life is Better on the Farm

This is so true! When I was a little girl all through my teenage years, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent's farm. I would sweep the barn for a nickel, play with the barn cats and give them warm milk fresh from a cow, climb up in the hay loft, and learn fun ways of cooking with my grandma. I loved it there, and while my grandparents were still alive, we brought our son there.

We were on vacation when our son was 4. We came across a farm that had roaming fawns, pigs, goats, and all kinds of barnyard animals. He loved it so much! Those fawns were about his size, and he fed corn to every animal he could feed! Those are the feels on this page.

Here is the product I used for this page:

Here are the dimensions:

  • Jumbo Circle (I used the Blue Cutting Blade on the center of the circle)

  • Denim Revival Paper - 5" x 9"

  • Woodgrain Photo Mat - 4-1/8" x 8-1/8"

  • Life is Better at the Farm - cut from a mat card

Thank for stopping by! I love when you visit!

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