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It's All About Mom and Her Grown Up Boy

It's really starting to hit home for me that our son is moving to Texas (we are in Minnesota). Okay, first I will give you a little background. He got a little later start in college, and that's okay because when he started he was very motivated. He spent 7 years getting multiple degrees and his Masters. Multiple jobs, many at one time, and was able to start a career in his field in his Junior year of college. There were times I looked at him in wonder at his determination. It's been about 4 years since starting that job, and now he took another one that is a fantastic stepping stone, and we are so happy for him and extremely proud of him. But I've always been less than 45 minutes away, and 1000 miles seems like a long way away!

Although he doesn't particularly like having his picture taken, he's been letting me take more lately so that I have plenty of pictures of us! That's what this page is all about.

Here are the list of supplies I used:

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