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Close To My Heart VIP Membership

Updated: May 29, 2023

You all have the opportunity to have a Close To My Heart VIP Membership with me!! 

What does that mean? Quite a bit actually!!

  1. You will be rewarded for your own orders (I love that!). Every time you place an order, you will get 15% of that retail cost banked in your account. An example would be…a $50 order puts a $7.50 credit in your account. You can use it on your next order or you can save it for something BIG. Because….

  2. You will be able to use those credits on almost everything in the book!! The only exclusions are Craft With Heart, already discounted, and clearance products. YIPPPEEEE!! You are in the driver’s seat with your credits!

  3. With a qualifying order of $50, a VIP Member will receive the Stamp of the Month FREE!!

  4. VIP Members will be eligible for exclusive savings and special offers periodically as a special thank you gift!!

If I were not a Maker, I would WANT to be a VIP member! With the initial investment of $35 (and yes, it is an investment!), you will immediately gain $25 in CTMH bank account! If you spend about $65 with me after that, you will earn another $10 in your CTMH bank account, and you’ve made up your money! How fun is that?!

Listen to my beautiful friend Jill Broadbent talk about the VIP program…

This is just such an incredible program, and I am excited for you!!

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