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August News with Brenda and Close To My Heart

Hi Everyone! We are in those hot summer days here in Minnesota. For me, it's perfect beach and lake weather. So you are going to find it funny that I am talking about fall papers today!


Gnomes for Autumn is a delightful collection that includes a paper packet, sticker sheet, two exclusive stamp sets, and an oh-so-cute gnome die cut! You can buy these items singly or you can purchase the bundle of products at 20% off! Click the button below.

CTMH has created a scrapbooking and cardmaking workshop.


To take things a step further, I will be using Gnomes for Autumn for my Fall Virtual Crop on September 9th! I will not be supplying a kit, but rather your admission to the crop will be to place a $40 + order on my website! Use the button above to place your order.

The crop consists of two 2-page layouts and 3 fancy fold cards. I will be teaching both layouts and the cards. Of course, there are prizes and extra teaching along the way!! Crops are fun, fun, fun!


I am holding an in-person crop at the Wyndham Hotel in Coon Rapids! It is from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. If you place a Gnomes for Autumn $40 order, your crop fee is FREE! Otherwise, you can pay a flat $25 and still join in the fun!

All of my Gnomes for Autumn videos are pre-recorded, so you will be able to watch them at any time.


August is all about fall, and I also have a beautiful scrapbook workshop using Cozy Up. This is a unique blend of themes, and I love that. It's really about fall and reading!

I've designed one set of pages to record your favorite books:

I designed the second set for the beginning of school or more about your reading life:

Here is an all-around great set of pages for fall:

And then there are two single pages. The first is a fantastic sunburst page!

And the last page is just a fun single page for Thanksgiving or that walk in the woods.

When you purchase this class, you will be invited to a private classroom. Not only will the cutting guide and directions be there, but there will be 7 videos to teach you how to create this workshop! That's a lot of added value! Click the button below to learn more!


I wouldn't forget my cardmakers!!

What beautiful fall cards! When you order this kit, you will be invited to a private classroom. You will find the directions, and I will share two videos to show you how to color the leaves. You are going to love learning this!!

There's always a lot of designing going in my office!


We have a set of new catalogs coming to town! If you are a VIP and place an order from the 15th on, you will be able to add free catalogs to your order. For everyone else, you will receive catalogs free with your order after August 25th. You will receive the September/October book, and Essentials, the book that is replacing a Core catalog. You will LOVE both!


Have you been over to my new website, My Paper Crafting Life? Once you set up a login and password (it's FREE!), you can pick and choose what groups you would like to belong to! This is also where I will have private classrooms. It will be so easy for you to find your classes in your list of groups. You won't have to search on Facebook anymore! There is a Community Gallery (think of Pinterest with current products!) and the groups have a daily teaching. Well, sometimes I get behind, but I try to post in each daily group everyday and if I don't, I catch up! I think you will like it there!

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