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Vintage Scrapbooking & Your Version of the Story

Updated: May 29, 2023

I truly love to put photos to paper and write down family memories. When it comes to family photos, it’s sometimes hard to fill in the blanks, but I’ve found out over the years, that it’s okay for me to write what I imagine. For instance, take a look at this layout.

These are pictures of my mother from 1936. I didn’t acquire these photos until after my grandmother and grandfather passed away. I had so many questions! All I could do was wonder and tell my story in a unique way.

Instead of documenting what was, I asked the questions I had about these photos. And you know what? That kind of story telling is okay! I think sometimes when we journal, we get wrapped up in the facts of the photos rather than our feelings. I will tell you a secret…our future readers are going to want to know the story more than the facts. I only needed to know this was in 1936. Did you read how I “talked” in my journaling? I want to give my voice to the photos I’ve put to paper.

Over the next little while, I will cover more journaling tips & techniques in my Coffee & Scrapbooking posts. Stay tuned!

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