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Leaves are Falling and Books are Calling Scrapbook Workshop

It's pretty hot outside right now, but I've got a cozy fall workshop for you! I am really excited to start my brand new workshop format! What makes it so different?

  • All classes will have private classrooms on My Papercrafting Life. My website is a place where I know videos and questions won't get lost in a Facebook feed. You will also be able to easily find them!

  • Each class will have a video series. The Leaves are Falling and Books are Calling workshop has a 7-video series so that you can create one step at a time and learn a great deal along the way.

  • Cutting guide and instructions will be posted in the classroom.

  • When you post your artwork in the Community Gallery on my website, I will send you a free roll of 3-D foam tape!

Let me share the artwork, and then I will tell you where you can purchase these kits!

There will be an entire video dedicated to help you cut and create this burst page. There is also a video dedicated to helping you make those realistic leaves! You are going to learn so much!

Look at this fun layout! My thinking was that you will be able to document your favorite books on this set of pages. We all have those books that will never leave our shelf. Take a picture of the book or a picture of yourself holding the book. What a fun memory for your loved ones! I also will enjoy teaching you this stenciling.

This page of books would be really wonderful for your kids or grandkids reading memories. I don't know about you, but I loved seeing Shane (and still do) holding a book! I'll have a video on stamping those books, teapots, and cups on these first two layouts. I am excited to teach you how to color them.

There is a choice of two kits, and both of them will include the Digital Art leaves and the pre-cut Blessings title. I don't know why I feel so blessed in the fall, but I do! They warm colors and crunchy leaves make me happy!

The last page is also a great page for those blessings in your life. If you want to flip the paper, it has pumpkins on the other side. I never get tired of gratitude pages!

Now there are two ways that you can purchase this workshop. The first kit is sold with the stamp set, and the leaves and title are included free of charge. Click the button below to head

to my Specialty Store to read all the information!

The second kit is sold without the stamp set, and there is a $5 built-in fee in the workshop for the leaves and title. Click the button below for all the information!

I am so excited to welcome you in my new classroom! We are going to have fun!

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Brenda, Do you still host a scrapbooking session that is in a brick and mortar place, not online?

Jul 30, 2023
Replying to

Hi Vickie! I teach in my home periodically, but because I have customers all over the US, I teach virtually the most. You may like this one as there is a series of 7 videos so that you can do things at your own pace.

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