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Journaling Another Person’s Story

Updated: May 29, 2023

(Please read to the end to hear my thoughts on journaling…)

Because I do what I do for a living, even the little ones in my life know how important pictures are of me. They know they are likely to end up on a scrapbook page, and that makes me happy! So what do you do when someone gives you a photo, but you were not there? And what if that photo is SO cute, you just have to put it to paper? Look at this layout for an idea!

Isn’t this a perfect picture? I don’t think I could have gotten that spur of the moment photo if I tried! This is my sister’s grandchild, so I recorded the story just the way my sister told me.

What a cute story! It was so easy to put this layout together imagining what Ella would think once she saw it. It is several years later, and I recently had my sister show her this layout again. I am glad she knew then and still knows now how much her great-aunt loves her!

You have a story to tell with every single photo that you have. Whether it’s a vintage photo from long ago, a funny story that must be told, or a gifted photo from someone – they all hold a story.

Next time you are scrapbooking, and you think your page may be done, ask yourself this. Did you journal? Did you write the feelings you had when you first saw that person, place, or thing. Every photo that is important enough to be in a scrapbook is important enough to have its story told. Pages can be beautiful, but that written word is what adds sentiment to your scrapbook.

Join me next week as we talk about how to choose the photos for your pages!

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