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FREE Creative Memories Album - WHAT??!!

I wanted to get this information out now and actually start this exclusive special now!! This is only available through me!!

I am going on vacation in northern Minnesota for a week, and if you've followed me for years, you know that I always do something special for YOU when I go. You should have something fun, too!! I decided that I wanted you to earn a FREE Creative Memories album!

So many people have been asking about joining my team, and I have to tell you, it's a great place to be! There is so much inspiration on my group and so much support amongst my team members! So let's make sure we do something special when you join my team!

Did you know it's just $49 to join? You will receive a $50 credit to use and a GREAT New Advisor gift.

Those file folders hold my sticker sheets, borders, mat cards, and embellishments, and they are easy to take to crops! For $49, there are a lot of perks when you join Creative Memories!

A great team, great friendship and support, and lots of inspiration. In case you don't know, I put all of my workshop files on my team page for my Rose Blossoms to use! You will not have to pay for them AND you can buy your own product to create them! WOW!

This is a great place to be!

And did you know, you can use absolutely any product with Creative Memories? If you like your CTMH stamps and ink, use them!!

I love the Home Office support, too, and the many ways they help us with new product twice a month. There is also an Advisor tab where you can purchase product that is specific to Advisors!

There's always something fun at Creative Memories!! So if this interests you, go to my website and click the Join button! My Rose Blossoms team and I will welcome you with open arms!!

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